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December 2019. Aditi Raina, Bhim Suwal and Yogendra Gurung (Book Chapter)

Distributional Equity in the Urban Public Water Supply in Kathmandu, Nepal. In Nayouki Yoshino, Edurado Araral and KE Seetharam (eds.), Water Insecurity and Sanitation in Asia, Chapter 8, pp.155-198. Tokyo Japan: Asian Development Bank Institute and Lee Kuan School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore.  ISBN 978–4–89974–113–8 (Print); ISBN 978–4–89974–114-5 (PDF). publication/544131/adbi-water-insecurity-and-sanitation-asia.pdf.

November 2019. Dale Whittington and Wu Xun

Water Governance in Katmandu: Insights from Systems Thinking and Behavioral Sciences. Water Policy, 21 (S1): 1–8.

August 2019. Bhim Raj Suwal, Jane Zhao, Aditi Raina, Xun Wu, Namrata Chindarkar, K. C. Bal Kumar and Dale Whittington

Households' preferences for water tariff structures in Kathmandu, Nepal. Water Policy, (2019) 21 (S1): 9–28.

July 2019. Aditi Raina, Jane Zhao, Xun Wu, Laxman Kunwar and Dale Whittington

Structure of Water Vending Markets in Kathmandu, Nepal. Water Policy, 21 (S1): 50–75.

July 2019. Yvonne Jie Chen, Namrata Chindarkar, Jane Zhao

Water and time use: evidence from Kathmandu, Nepal. Water Policy, 21 (S1): 76-100.

Dec 2018. Namrata Chindarkar, Yvonne Jie Chen and Yogendra Gurung

Subjective Well-being Effects of Coping Costs: Evidence from Household Water Supply in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. Journal of Happiness Studies. Print ISSN: 1389-4978, Online ISSN 1573-7780.

Sept 2018. Aditi Raina, Yogendra Gurung and Bhim Suwal

Equity Impacts of Informal Private Water Markets: Case of Kathmandu Valley. Water Policy, 22 (S1): 189-204.

Aug 2017. Yogendra Gurung, Jane Zhao, Bal Kumar KC, Wu Xun, Bhim Suwal and Dale Whittington

The Costs of Delay in Infrastructure Investments: A Comparison of 2001 and 2014 Household Water Supply Coping Costs in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. Water Resources Research, 53, 7078-7102,

Spring 2016. Magnus Hatlebakk and Yogendra Gurung

Female Empowerment and the Education of Children in Nepal. Journal of Developing Areas, 50(2): 1-19. Project MUSE,

May 2016. Magnus Hatlebakk

Son preference, number of children, education and occupational choice in rural Nepal. Review of Development Economics, 21(1): 1-20.

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